A collection of sorts...


I know, I know, there really is no point in collecting coffee makers. I know that. There might be reasons to have different kinds of brewers, but one of each should do the trick.

Still, as mundane as coffee makers are, many just look absolutely awesome. And every time I come across one, I'm tempted. Very tempted. That's basically the reason my tiny apartment is stuffed full of coffee makers. I call it a collection, because that sounds nicer, but I know it's the result of obsessive-compulsive behaviour...

Anyway, here's a catalogue of my collection (updated December 14, 2011):

Reneka Techno (twin boiler, electronic temp. control)
Nuova Simonelli Oscar (compact HX machine)
Mini Gaggia (compact spring lever home espresso machine)
Olympia Express Club ( restored & perfectly working! )
MiniMoka M-600

Douwe Egberts centrifugal 'Espresso' coffee maker
Mazzer Mini
MiniMoka M-203
Gaggia MDF (orange metal body)
Omre Quickmill 023-B
Krups whirly-blade
Zassenhaus Brasilia (wooden manual box grinder)
Kyocera CM-45 (manual grinder with ceramic burrs)
Drip brewers:
Ceramic Melitta #102 Cone with matching carafe
Ceramic Melitta #103 (Nr. 6) Cone
Schott VEB "TEKA" coffee/teamaker in glass (former DDR)
Chemex CM-1 (Handblown, 3-cup)
Chemex CM-3 (Handblown, 8-cup)
Coava Kone stainless steel filter for Chemex
Hario DPW-1 "woodneck" cloth drip pot 240ml
Hario DPW-3 "woodneck" cloth drip pot 480ml
4x SwissGold 1-cup gold filter set
2 plastic single cup drip sets (filter & matching glass)
Kono TF-40 filter cone
Hario V60 ceramic VDC-02W filter cone
Miyama Column drip cone with matching carafe
Walküre cup filter
Hario CFOD-1B permanent filter cone
Donut Dripper 1-cup filter cone
Kinto Faro coffee pot set
Kinto Faro Grande Cup set
Kalita "Wave" 185 filter
Washa 4-cup filter brewer

Hario PTN-5BZ "Pota" (cold water drip)

4 single cup Vietnamese drip brewers
Filtre Belgique set (drip filter & glass)
Ilsa 4-cup stainless steel napoletana
Ilsa 4-cup alu napoletana
No-name 6-cup alu napoletana

Pyrex Glass 6-cup recirculating percolator
Infusion brewers:
10-cup Chambord-style press pot
Bodum 1-cup cafetières
8-cup "stir easy" cafetière
8-cup cafetière (brass)

Sowden SoftBrew

Vac pots:
Royal balancing siphon brewer (brass/copper)
Cafetino balancing siphon brewer
Perco balancing siphon brewer (ceramic boiler)

Hellem 6-cup vac pot (white ceramic handle)
2 Hellem 8-cup vac pots (white ceramic handle)
2 Hellem 10-cup vac pots (white ceramic handle)
Hellem 10-cup vac pots (brass stand, white ceramic handle)
Hellem 10-cup Deluxe vac pot set (wooden handle & base)
Hellem 10-cup Filda vac pot
Hellem Cafextra 6-cup vac pot (plastic funnel)

Cona table model ca. 1920 (?)
Cona table model "No. II"
Cona Rex table model
2 Cona table model "B" sets
3 Cona table model "D" sets

Bodum "Original Santos" black (ca. 1950)
Bodum "Original Santos" brown (ca. 1950)
Bodum Santos (ca. 1960)
Bodum Domingo (ca. 1960)
Bodum Rio set (ca. 1960)
2 Bodum Santos gift set (ca. 1990+)

Perlutz electric siphon, ca. 1935

Pre-war Roki 0.5L (with electric heater)
Pre-war Sintrax 1.0L (with "Wagenfeld" handle)
Post-war Sintrax 0.5L
Post-war Sintrax 1.0L
Rowenta E 5236 (electric, ca. 1950 ?)

Hario Delica DA1, 3-cup vac pot
Hario Noveau NCA-3, 3-cup vac pot
Hario Mocha MCA-5, 5-cup vac pot

Kono MM-2A, 2-cup Japanese vac pot
Kono SKD-5A, 5-cup Japanese vac pot

BMF 8-cup vac pot set (black)
BMF 8-cup vac pot (white)

Cory 4-cup DNU/DNL "gasketless" vac pots
Cory 8-cup DCU/DCL "gasketless" vac pot

Silex 8-cup Delray Plain vac pot
Silex 12-cup decorated "W"-style vac pot
Kent 8-cup vac pot (green)

2 Philips HM 3320 set (electric vac pot)
Moka pots:
Alessi "9090" 3-cup moka pot
Alessi "9090" 6-cup moka pot
Lavazza Carmencita 6-cupper
Lavazza Principessa 4-cupper with alcohol stove
Bialetti stainless steel 6-cupper (unknown type)
Bialetti Mukka Express
Guido Bergna Mia 4-cup
Guido Bergna Kitty 4-cup
Guido Bergna Kitty 9-cup
Guido Bergna Musa 2-cup
Guido Bergna Musa 4-cup
Meazza & Masciadri Nova Espress 6-cup
Meazza & Masciadri La Signora 2-cup
Stella 2-cup platform-style moka brewer with matching cups
VEV Vespress 6-cupper (plastic handle)
VEV Vespress "deluxe" 6-cupper (brass handle)

Alessi RS07 3-cup electric moka pot
AMA 6-cup electric moka brewer
Velox "Coffee bar" 2-cup electric moka brewer (orange, ca. 1970)
Vesuviana 6-cup electric moka brewer (alu)
Salton "Vesuviana" 6-cup electric moka brewer (alu) with steam wand
Poccino 6-cup electric moka brewer (stainless steel)

Krups T-8 (aka Krups Moka Brew)
Coffee roasters:
Hottop Coffee Roaster KN-8828P-2 & KN-8828B-2
Hottop Coffee Roaster KN-8828D (10 years old!)
Hearthware I-Roast 2
Imex CR-100 roaster
Prima hot air Popcorn Maker
Severin PC-3750 hot air Popcorn Maker
Magimix 1.7 l electric kettle
Noda Horo "Tsugi Usagi" kettle
Yoshikawa kettle

(And I also drink tea occasionally...)

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