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     seccond open class CRUFTS 2007
Swiss champion 2007
8 june 2007 became he his European and Kroatian Championship.

From Borders Home Unique Sem became a seccond place in Open Class Crufts 2007 and his father Tonkory Valley Of The Storm fourth place in the Open Class on Crufts.

From Borders Home Unique Pebbles
BOB & 5th BIG 24-03-07 Leiden Netherlands
BOB & 5th 20-05-07 Venlo Netherlands
BOB & 4th BIG 17-06-07 Almere Netherlands

From Borders Home 1e place Breeders-stakes Winner Amsterdam nov. 2006

                  Groepsfoto Kenneldag 2006 Groupspicture Kennelday 2006

   Zondag 9 september 2007 Kenneldag !!!!!!
  Opgave en info 0475-465578 of
 koffie/vlaai,lunch en frisdrank incl. 2,50 Euro p.p.


         Group 1 & 4th BIS on Thursdy 27. juli 2006  and Group 1 on Sunday 30 july 2006
                                                Brøndby, Denmark

                                                       Nummer 1:
             10 january 2007 became he a 4th place in the open class CRUFTS
                                                  NHSB 2350701
                             Border Collie, Tonkory Valley Of The Storm



21-07-05 Storm UK.Champion

          Storm on Stakes Finals 29-01-2005 Birmingham UK
       Storm became a third place in Open class on Crufts 2005

            Sabrina, Joke,Hans Smit en Ian Wiltshire
              Rosendaal 6 - 6051 KM Maasbracht Netherlands

               Phone:0031-475-465578 Fax: 0031-84-8833665





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