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This web-site is dedicated to my number one guitarist,


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  • Graeme is a professional musician and producer with more than 25 years experience in the music industry.........
  • He has also won many music industry awards, including the Scottish Silver Clef Award 1996 for an 'outstanding contribution to Scottish music' and the prestigious 3M award for production..........
  • Highly skilled in hands on production and recording, in both analogue and digital media........
  • An internationally known guitar player and producer and has produced multi platinum selling albums....
  • Graeme and Pamela are published song writers with Chrysalis Music Publishing.

Wet Wet Wet
He's The Wets Lead Guitarist
FML Studio
One of the Directors of the Foundry Music Lab
Coach for the McGuire Programme



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Graeme & Pamela
Pamela & Graeme

Date of Birth:
28 february 1956
Hair Colour: Blond
with a pinch of red

Eye Colour:

Married to:
Has a daugther:
A son:
And a son in law:

Jamie - Tim - Esther - Scott - Michelle

A bit of history

The band Graeme was in before Wet Wet Wet was '
New Celeste':

Initially formed in the mid 1970’s, combining folk, rock and jazz players from the Glasgow music scene, New Celeste created controversy at that time with their rock and jazz treatments of traditional music and their fast and furious stage act. The band toured extensively in Britain and then Europe and recorded three albums – ‘High Sands and the Liquid Lake’ in Holland, ‘On the Line’ in Berlin and then ‘New Celeste Live’ in France. After that New Celeste broke up in 1983 and the various band members went their own ways. Guitarist Graeme Duffin joined Wet Wet Wet, drummer Iain Bayne went on to play with Runrig, guitarist Nigel Clark joined Hue & Cry and violinist Rod Dorothy joined Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia.

High Sands and the Liquid Lake (Universe LS5, 1977)
Iain Fergus (acoustic guitar, lead vocals); Tom Honeyman (violin, viola, vocals) Stewart Gresty Smith (bass guitar, spinet, synthes Graeme Duffin (acoustic 12 string and 6 string guitars, electric guitar, vocals); with Ronnie Goodman (drums, percussion); Eddie Korma (drums); Fiser, grand piano); red Leeflang (saxes); Jur Echkart (accordion)

On the Line (Escalibur BUR 803, 1979)
Stewart Gresty Smith (bass guitar, ARP Omni, Yamaha elecrtonic, grand piano); Graeme Duffin (acoustic 12 string and 6 string guitars, electric guitar, vocals, electronic percussion); Rod Dorothy (violin, harmonium, vocals); Iain Fergus (acoustic guitar, lead vocals); Ronnie Gerrard (violin, mandolin) with Christian Evans (drums, percussion); Henry Hirsch (Yamaha electronic, grand piano, Arp Omni, Hohner Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Farfisa electronic piano, Yamaha electronic organ); Rüdiger Sünner (flute); Mohammad Tahmasebi (dombac); Tom Honeyman (violin)

It was 1984 when Wet Wet Wet brought in Graeme as guitarist on advice of music writer Tom Morton who had seen Graeme play with another band. Graeme was employed as a session guitarist. Over the years Graeme's role grew in the band and he's considerd to be the 5th Wets member by the band... although not official. When Graeme just started in the band Marti was saying: "We've got this new bloke, Graeme Duffin, on guitar and it's amazing, you just give him an idea and he plays it". Graeme has been with the Wets for many years now ...actually The Wets are celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2007.
Not only has Graeme been on stage with the Wets but many other musicians aswell, these are a few:
Esther 'O Connor
Carol Kidd
Dougie MacLean
Beverley Williams
JJ Gilmour
Marti Pellow solo
Graeme just loves being on stage, performing and doing what he does best.

Glasgow 9 dec 2004
9-12-2004 Glasgow Wil, Graeme and Pamela Duffin
Graeme is known to be the quiet one but he's also very witty and a master of accents and funny voices, he was a constant source of amusement for the Wets.
He's also very kind, will always take the time for his fans, and has a lovely smile.

1990 "Sweet Little Mystery" Countdown Studio Holland

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