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The Next Move

This book covers a wide range of topics and explains them in a practical and balanced way.

The theory is explained using common proverbs and statements as the foundation. The aim of this book is to give you the knowledge to use these proverbs and statements as practical tools for finding good moves in your games.

Also included is a CD with 50 game reviews. The CD also includes several lessons for self study and other material that will prove useful to improve your own game play.

Target audience: 15-3 kyu.
Price (book + CD): €14,50.

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If you buy 5 or more copies contact me for a discount:
 If you buy 5-9 copies I give 5% discount, 10 or more copies and I give a 10% discount.

The book is also available at the
freegame's Teaching School Webshop.

The webshop offers very cheap shipping to the USA and some other countries. There is also the option to buy the book in a digest size which is even more attractive for people from the USA.
For Europeans the shipping cost are expensive, making it more attractive to buy directly from me at this website.
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