Playing and collecting.

This is the homepage of Piet Steenis and dedicated to the game of Carom Billiards.
I am living in the Netherlands and besides  playing the game I'm also collecting everything about it.
In the next pages I'm going to tell you something about the history of the game.
By telling something about the history you must know that I'm doing that in rather a short time.
When you want to know everything about the history please read the books I will tell you about.
The links-page will show you a selection of Carom Billiard pages, software etc. I came across while surfing the internet.
The games I'm playing are carom and 3C and the avarages of both games are 7 and 0.700.
My favourite cues are made by Stany Buyle, a cuemaker from Belgium.
He is making cues under the name " eSBee "
They are comparable to the best cues in the world. These cues are available in the Netherlands through "De Graafschap Biljarts"
The new line is called "Stradivarius".
Excellent material, you should try it !!

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