Books worth collecting

Some examples of rare and antique carom billiard books.

C.Bogumil   "Der Meister im Billiard Spiel" 1898

Het Driebandenspel
H.C.L. Wenning  1928

Tratado de Billar
D.D. Murtra  1912

Das Carambole Spiel
Hugo Toeppen 1890

Billard Trucs
Practicus  1924

Thirty Years of Billiards
Willie Hoppe  1925

Koehler and Hinrichs

Das Billardbuch
C.Bogumil 1895

Das Billardspiel
E.Huhle 1397

Billard A B C
H.Weisser 1956

Of course there are much more billiard books than I can show here.
Please take a look at my Photopoint site.
Or take a look at thw WWW where you can find all kind of information about all billiard sport.
Or ask a collector to tell you something about this grat sport and  hobby.

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Billiards by Pinchon

Sometimes I find books that I already have, but I still buy them.
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