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After the crisis: a different world…

Nobody knows when the current financial-economic crisis will be over. But what we do know is that the world after the crisis will have a completely different outlook.  After the crisis the leadership of the United States will no longer be self-evident. And also the Anglo-American model as the ideal guideline how to structure business, politics and the socio-economic domain of a society, will have lost much of its attractiveness. In addition, how the European Union and its currency the Euro will look like in the future has become uncertain. The most shocking change, however, after the crisis will be the apparent shift of global power: from the West to the East, from the USA and the EU towards India and East Asia (especially China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, but also other Asian countries). The Asian Era will soon be a fact of life.

Is the Netherlands still a competitive country after the september 2012 elections and in the Asian Era?

What are the implications of all these significant changes for the Netherlands? What measures should be taken to ensure that the Netherlands will emerge as a strong and competitive country after the crisis? What about increasing revenues instead of simply cutting the budget? The recent political developments don’t look very promising in this respect. What kind of measures should be taken by a new Dutch government after the September 2012 elections to realize the future competitiveness of the Netherlands? How should the current strained relations with the EU be improved? 

The aim of this Symposium: outlining Dutch implications of the Asian Era

The focus of the symposium will be on the implications of the rise of Asia for Dutch business and politics. Is the Netherlands prepared for a post-crisis world, one in which the role of the three major regions of the world, Asia, the European Union and the USA, will have changed significantly in favor of a dominant role for Asia?

In addition: launching guidelines for the Netherlands how to survive the crisis

At this symposium two important recent national research reports will be discussed. Both emphasize the shifting balance of power in the world and warn Dutch decision makers to be attentive in this respect. There is first of all a recent report by the SER, the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands. A second report will be launched at this Symposium, a research project of the University of Groningen focusing on the large number of East Asian companies that will come to the EU in the next 10 to 15 years. This project aims at assessing the chances for the Netherlands to attract a substantial amount of those East Asian companies. 

Would you like to attend this Symposium?

Due to limited space, it is necessary to register well ahead of time. No entrance fee is charged. However, an entrance card, which will be sent after registration is required. Registration can be done in two ways:

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