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A Site Full Of My Personal Choices About The Best Rock And Roll Band In The World:THE ROLLING STONES:
This website is dedicated to material of the Rolling Stones that I bought or traded for my personal use. I consider myself a 'normal' Stones-fan (if there exist any), therefor my list of Stones material is not 'huge'. I am not a collector who's sole purpose in life is to collect everything there is (no offense to those who do), but only those things I like. The trick, however, is to find out what there is outthere, that I like ?! And that's where this website comes in. It gives you the unique opportunity sun02.gifto have a look into MyStonesSelections. If you want, you can react on my choices or share your own choices with me. So enjoy reading this crap. And if you're not a Stonesfan (what i cannot imaginesun02.gif) please go elsewhere

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movie of "Start Me Up" at Twickenham August 22, 2006

 Read STONESNEWS about:  The Bigger Bang Tour  on IORR.org and Official Stones-News   on Rolling Stones.com

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On March 26, 2006 a great thing happened: I went to my First John Mayall Concert. In the Le Rouge Gorge Theatre in Avignon, France. Read all about it here 

And please tell me (mail me at ) what you think of me doing album reviews, starting here with Goat's Head Soup . Now Also A Bigger Bang

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