Member of the former Stalingrad Association of the Stalingrad veterans.
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Since 1993 I've been researching the Battle for Stalingrad. I have visited numerous veterans, a total of over 700, from nearly every single unit that was in Stalingrad. Amongst these veterans were Knight Cross Winners, Croation Veterans, etc.  In recognition of my research I received from the Bund ehem. Stalingradkämpfer e.V. Deutschland (Veteran organisation of the Stalingradfighters) a high decoration.

For some years I have organised every year a meeting (with other writers and historians) with former Stalingrad veterans. This way we were able to receive first hand experiences and knowledge about the battle, information that is often not written down in any history book. By bringing them together this refreshed their memories about this terrible battle. With the help of these veterans I have been able to help many writers and historians in their research work about this Battle. Since 2000 I have done research for the BBC TV "War of the century" and in which many veterans agreed to came forward to assist in the making. After that Tv Stations of several countries asked me for helping them finding veterans for their documentaries. Now, in 2006 / 2007, there are only few alive, who can support such request.

After the years of research I have started to write a series of books on Stalingrad. Stories that give you a feeling you are sitting 'first row seats' and you are there at the battle. Still working on more, it will take a while before the whole battle is brought in to a series of books that will certainly go over 10 books or more, to tell about every aspect of the battle.

In 2007 the first reunion was held of new Kameradschaft Stalingrad. More than 50 veterans were presenrt, more than 70 have signed up. In 2008 again a reunion will be held.

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UPDATE November 2007: (3)

All photo's of the German Stalingrad Knightcross winners are now scanned. Soon there will be an order of battle of the 6th Army + a addendum with photo's of all persons who received the Knights Cross for its actions in Stalingrad.

Fo a list of all the names of the Knights Cross winners see following link (under construction).

UPDATE November 2007: (2)

UPDATE November 2007: (2)

UPDATE November 2007: (2)

Soon I will have up a link and all information to the new museum of the former POW CAMP Jelabuga. The old camp now has a museum about the period German prisoners where there.

There is also a cemetary with approx 700 dead Stalingrad soldiers who died there during the POW time. One of them is Kurt Reuber who's grave photo is amongst he ones I received. Also the complete list with names of these 700 men are now completed and will be in my database.

UPDATE November 2007:

Finally we started off with the new Association of Stalingrad veterans. The first meeting was held in Limburg, and the new Association counts over 70 Stalingrad veterans. On the meeting itself, were about 30 veterans and family, and the ones who will be helping to get the new Kameradschaft on its feet. Veterans like Graf von Vixthum, Horst Zank, Herrn Clauberg, Herrn Kalweit, usw, usw were present. Also on the last moment Gen. Münch had to cancel his visit (94 years old). Being there again amongst those veterans was speciall. I will update with some photo's of the meeting.

UPDATE March 2007:

Decided is that there will be a new Stalingrad veterans organisation. On this very moment all former members and family as well as those who wrote me and said were interested are receiving mail and we than see how many people will be there forming the new Stalingrad Association (more info will follow).

UPDATE January/February 2007:

Received from a collector a Russian booklet about the fightings in Stalingrad, written in 1944. It is from the Military Historical Department of the High Command of the Red Army.

There has never been awarded a Stalingrad Armshield for Soldiers of the 6th Army. Many people are buying fake Stalingrad Shields, on all kind of Militaria Sites! Look here for the original one (drawing) and a fake one I bought to show you. The only one ever drawn for the troops, if they should capture Stalingrad is still only to be found on paper!

An amazing battlefield found was sent to me recently. A German helmet found at a barn / house near Hill 102 shows, with the name of the owner still painted in it, and the tragedy, a bullet hole in the midst of the foreside of the helmet and out on the backside, that a Russian sniper killed the German soldier. Already name, unit, etc is found, and we are trying to find the family. Go to the new added page called 'Stalingrad Battlefield Relics'.

Recently received pictures, taken by a Minox Camera inside the Jelabuga POW camp. Soon I have some scans available.

>>Click here to hear a spoken (Mp3 file) account of Joachim Stempel's actions during the fighting in Stalingrad to reach the Volga.

>>Click here to here a broadcast of the end of the Battle for Stalingrad (in German).

Added an account of the combat re-supply in the combat area of Stalingrad.

Click here to go direct to this account.

Updated the 'History' part, with more information on the operations during the Battle for Stalingrad.

Already working on parts of the translation of the English book 'The Battle for Stalingrad - trapped by the Russian Army - The North Pocket' is a part of three books about the encirclement of the 6th Army. Over the years so much on information is gathered, that I decided to write 3 books on the 3 pockets that held out at first after the encirclement. However, I start with the one that held out till the very last, the one of the XI. Army Corps under the leadership of  General der Infanterie Karl Strecker.

UPDATE March / April 2001:

With the major help of the Russian volunteers of the "Guardia" search group in Volgograd, who did the "fieldwork" but also with the help of the WASt (Germany) and the VDK (Germany) over 50 - 60 MIA German soldiers were found at the former Airfield Pitomnik on a place that was near one of the major "Hauptverbandzplatz" of the German 6th Army.

These soldiers were prepared for to be flown out, but never made it.
They were hasty burried in a massgrave, but due to the conditions not registered.

The ID-Tags are given to the German VDK and will be handed over to the WASt in Berlin who then will notify the still living family members. This is after nearly 60 years one of the larges discoveries of German MIA's!

Information about special announcements, meetings, finds of the battlefield, etc.

This year several good friends / Stalingrad-veterans died. In a few years we only will hear from them if we watch TV or if we read one of the books in which their statement is kept for the next generation.

Several books are written by the veterans themselves or done by several historian / writers, who just got the right feeling of approaching those men, now at the age of 80 and more, but for nearly 60 years ago fighting for their live. Not only is meant the German soldier, or the Italian, Croatian, Roemenian, Hungarian, but ofcourse also the Russian soldier who fought for his country and his own live.

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Coming soon:
"Der Kampf um Stalingrad -
Eingeschlossen durch die Rote Armee -
Die Nordriegelstellung".

This book will be in German first, and soon it will come out in English. Click on the cover to go to the book information.

- After more than nearly 60 years we found with the great help of my friend Akira Takiguchi in Japan one of the few Japanese POW's who shared time in captivity with a few officers of the 6th Army. One of these German veterans was Joachim Stempel. It is amazing that it was even possible to find this man! See the page onAn ex-Wehrmacht soldier searches for his POW comrades - Japanese officers.

Below two pictures of Mr Kawaguchi and Joachim Stempel 'damals und heute'.